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This is a notice to tree lovers and their neighbours who have recently planted new trees. If you have planted or have had the town plant new trees in the past few years, it is a critical time in your tree’s life. The summertime can be very stressful on young trees and cause adverse effects.

Drought stress is common during heat waves and the long period between rains. During those periods, trees cannot absorb as much water as required for the tree to grow or maintain their daily functions. There are different factors to consider. It could be the soil compaction, high water evaporation rate and lack of rainfall.

These few reasons can be examples of tell tales signs of drought stress. Some visual cues are an early drop of leaves, leaves changing colour, curling of the sides of the leaves and some completely brown leaves. One must remember that if these conditions continue, the tree may have a long-term effect by which the tree growth may be slower or even halted. The leaves may become smaller, less colourful and early leaf drop. The tree may become pest accessible.

The good news is that one simple and crucial way to help protect your invested interest during summer droughts is to frequently water the young tree. To ensure newly planted trees have an optimal growing condition to become established, watering is essential.

Increased growth will result if regular watering is done for the first few seasons. Each newly planted tree is recommended to receive 2.5cm (1 in.) each week. Water dripping is the most preferred method because the water will penetrate deeper into the root system. This can be done by allowing a slow drip from a hose at the base of the tree for approximately fifteen minutes every three days or by installing water bags on the tree, filling them every three days.

To help improve water penetration and reduce competition from weeds and grass, the tree's trunk should be kept mulched at 5cm (2in.). There must be a clear ring around the tree free from the mulch, do not allow the mulch to form around the base of the tree!

Remember, every tree has enormous value, not only monetary but climate-related benefits, personal health benefits, cooling effects from the tree, potential energy saving and helping their role in maintaining biodiversity. These are just a few reasons for increasing our tree canopy in the Town of Pelham.

I would like to recognize the Safe Tree Company staff, Jessica, Kait and 2000 Town of Pelham Street Tree Maintenance “A Guide for Home Owner” created by the Town of Pelham Operation Department with the assistance of the Pelham Tree Conservation Society for their enlightenment on this topic.

Happy tree growing season!

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Chair Mike Jones

Published in Niagara This Week  Feb 24, 2022

Published in Niagara This Week  Feb 24, 2022