About Us

We are determined
to make a change in society.

Our Big Goal

In this time of Climate change, we need to preserve and expand the tree canopy and natural heritage in Pelham and the surrounding area by engaging local government and residents through advocacy, education and action. To help promote public discussion on the value of trees and our natural heritage.

Our Objectives

How we plan to ACT
to achieve the Big Goal:

Our Story

This group was first organized in 1999 by citizens of Pelham. The goals back then were to work with the Town council of the day to create a guideline on the Urban Forest and to save our tree canopy on the street of Emmett. Today we find the trees still under valued by the public, the town and developments. We are determined to make a change in society.

You can download the .PDF documents from the early 2000s that we consulted on below.

Street Tree Maintenance

Urban Forestry Guidelines

Path Land Acknowledgement

“This land has been home to many Indigenous peoples historically and is home now to many First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples. Our forebears made treaties as they settled in these lands and many of them were broken. In the process much harm was done to the family and social structure of the Indigenous peoples. People still suffer from the damage done. We are enjoying what was taken from them. It is our responsibility to establish and maintain mutually respectful relationships for living together”.

Board of Directors

Executive Board

Mike Jones

Graham Pett           

Directors at Large
Dave Nicholson                                                            Don Campbell
Frank Adamson
Joanne Jones
Roger Demers

Lois  La Croix

Web Team

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